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Thread: Tuesday 4th

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    Default Tuesday 4th

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    Morning All

    Another lovely day, having to water the garden though. Off to Country Market and Forest Lodge this morning, just for a browse. Lee wants 3 posh paving slabs for the large pots down the side of the garden. I want some Skippy's peanut butter and maybe a wok style pan from Pro Cook.

    Yesterday cleaned the whole house, exhausted and my back ached most of the day but after a really good night's sleep (only getting up once!!!!!) feel so much better. Took ages to drop off though, still awake at 11.30pm!

    HAGD x

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    Morning all. Cloudy and several degrees cooler this morning. Should stay dry all day though.

    Yesterday, lovely day weather-wise, and very productive chores-wise. Got a lot of cleaning done - even managed to get into a number of places where you don't venture very often! Then made lemon & apple jam (recipe says marmalade, but not high enough content of citrus to meet regs, so has to be jam), then spicy pum & apple chutney. It helped that OH was out for longer than intended and having been late leaving it left the house to me all afternoon.

    Today, not likely to get any cooking done. Back massage first thing, then shopping. Coffee and natter with a friend this afternoon - ostensibly for half an hour but much more likely to be two or three hours. Still working my way through dishwashing the jars from the last order (down to the last box and a half) and still have a trolley load of finished product to pack in boxes and put in the end store room. No plans other than that.

    Know how you feel having done all that cleaning Caroline! Unfortunately, I'm back to my old tricks and had to get up four times during the night You need to go steady today and make sure your back has recovered fully.
    Shop again today Mo - hope yesterday wasn't too bad.
    Dave - quiet again. Still crossing off the days!
    Lilly - hope you made progress with your various projects yesterday.

    HAGO all

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    Good morning all.

    Shop again. Things are very slow and will be for the rest of the week while the kids are settled back into school. Only 11 bags of donations yesterday compared to the usual 30 - 40 on a Monday. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow we have so much still to do till our first pre Christmas event first week in October. I need a day of doing nothing but wood stuff.

    Overcast a coolish here with the odd shower forecast but the garden looks healthy again now with only minimal watering required for some of the smaller potted plants. Roses and Honeysuckle are having a second flowering, the wisteria already had one. Bonkers year everything is upside down.

    My house is going to have to wait till Sunday for another clean, have to just close my eyes to it and get on with the other things I have to do, only a bit of dust. Well maybe clean the glass tops and the kitchen and bathroom..........

    Hope everyone has a good and productive day.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all,

    Well nearly morning, Lovely sunny and warm again here, no real hint of autumn except the nights are cooler and its getting dark earlier.

    Got the heavy things moved in the spare room, now its just a matter of a couple of days or so of pottering around sorting things into the right places.

    More wonderful paper arrived this morning some rainbow mirri and something they call explosion mirri, it does look like fireworks.

    More work on the box yesterday, got the basic body done, now for the fun bit, doing the top.

    Decided to do photos of the cards after the tidy up as then I will have a nice clear area to work in. So hopefully the end of the week.

    So a good week ahead, looking forward to it.

    Have a good day everyone.
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