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Thread: Monday 3rd

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    Default Monday 3rd

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    Morning All

    Looks like another beautiful day, having to water the plants again with no rain.

    Worked on my Poldark cross stitch yesterday, had to turn canvas in the hoop round, not quite large enough but easier to stitch now as not so far away.

    Today? must do some cleaning, will start upstairs and see how far I get. Not my favourite job but needs doing.

    Think apart from some more x stitching that will be it, may wash the bedding or leave until tomorrow.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Morning light is very autumnal but surprising lack of damp chilliness when I stuck my head out of the door a few minutea ago. Dry with not much breeze and forecast similar for most of the day. Temperatures heading towards 20 deg.

    Yesterday - pleasant day out - market was packed and even queueing to get into the car park. Found my friend, had a quick chat handed over goodies I had for her and got a lovely squash (the vegetable!) in return. OH with me so purchases made at the craft beer stall, he treated himself to several different types of fresh olive, got some locally made pies and a couple of types of sausage. Couldn't find the bread stall . Got most stuff on the list at wholesalers, but OH not hungry so we didn't stay out for lunch. Spent the afternoon labelling jars, catching up with recorded TV, then watched GP highlights. Bit of knitting then an early night.

    Today, pleased to say my cold seems to be clearing at last. OH visiting his mother, so I'm hoping to get vacuum cleaner and duster round the house while he's out. Then need to get on with the lemon & apple marmalade I started yesterday, and if things work out might get at least one lot of chutney done - spicy plum & apple this time.

    This cleaning activity is a real nuisance Caroline! It's never ending and just gets in the way of everything
    Shop day Mo? More bags of rubbish outside the bag door to be investigated and ditched?
    How many days in the office this week Dave?
    Hope you can make some progress with your marketing/selling situation Lilly.


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    Good bright Autumn morning all.

    Overcast now but not cold. Lovey sunrise earlier.

    Had a productive day yesterday. Washing on then did the food shop in the morning, followed by an hour in the garden watering, feeding and deadheading. Most things are looking very happy with plants second flowing unexpectedly. Never had so many flowers on the pelargoniums and still lots of bud clusters to come. Lunch then a journey out to Savernake Forest for a bike ride. Not a long bike ride as the terrain wasn't as flat as I had hoped but at least we got a bit of exercise even if I was pushing the bike up half the hill. Stopped off at the Canal cafe for an ice cream treat on the way back....... that's all the bike ride calories put back on again !!! Picked enough sloes in the evening to make a couple of bottle of sloe gin but not many at all on the bushes here. They were severely cut back a couple of summers ago and not yet recovered. They used to be hanging with them but really had to search yesterday.

    Off to the shop for the next two days.

    HAGO all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Afternoon all,

    Glorious sunshine and hot here. Been pottering in the garden yesterday and going to pick some apples today.

    Thank you for your selling help, Mo and Caroline. Been in contact with my web page man and asked him if we could move to the platform he suggested for easier picture loading. So we will see what happens.

    Finished the cards yesterday, and got half way through the sorting of the spare room, just need him to help me move some heavy bits and then I can finish off. Really looking forward to clearing my craft room. While we had house guests from January to July, I had cleared some bits out to make more room for them but now they have gone I want to put it all back and get things back to normal.

    Also finishing off the box I started last week.

    HAGD everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    3day week this week Linda, today ( Tuesday) off, Friday, Pensioner day off...
    Done a bit of cutting, took the car for its MOT and new brake pads....rob a bank on the way to pick it up again..
    Walked the dog in pouring rain.....autumn is here...


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