Hi everyone I'm hoping that you may have some ideas that might help me please. It's our daughter's wedding four weeks as yesterday (where did all of that time go to so quickly?!!) I've made all of the stationery, pew ends, table centres, and a lot of decorative bits and pieces. One is a long banner made up of glitter hearts, that I've hung vertically on narrow ribbon, they hang from another wider ribbon, I hope that makes sense? We need to put it along the front of a long side table, that's going to be for the post box, guest book, sweetie table etc. The reception is being held at quite a smart venue, obviously it will be their white tablecloths on all the tables. I am now struggling for an idea as to how I can attach the banner to the front of the table, as I can't use any pins or anything that will leave marks.Failing other ideas I'll have to get some quite heavy tealight holders to hook the ends of the ribbon around each end, and one in the middle of the banner, as it's over seven feet long. The ideal things would be the little freestanding hooks you can buy for hanging Christmas stockings from the fireplace- the only problem being that they're all obviously Christmas themed! Any suggestions would be very gratefully received please, thanks for reading this!