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Thread: Thursday 9th

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    Default Thursday 9th

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    Morning all

    Raining here, not heavy just a steady drizzle which the gardens will love. Cool as well.

    Did all the shopping yesterday, Secretts farm shop was wonderful but very expensive and some items were dearer than M & S. did get some wonderful strawberries though, their fruit always smell as they should, sweet and delicious.

    Popped into the farm shop for some lettuce (not going to pay £1.80 for an iceberg!) and Lee kept looking at the tree he wanted. We had missed the delivery vans for that day and they only go out once a week. Took the dog biscuits etc back to the car and he still hummed and hhhaddd. Went back and bought it and got for £29.99 instead of £39.99, DH is one happy bunny now!

    Yesterday? ad to make a sympathy card for a friend who has had to have her poor doggy put to sleep, he was 17.5 but will be missed. Sorted out BIL's amazon voucher to go into his inbox on the 22nd, card out ready to post off.

    Today? starting the inspirational mug rugs and need to start planning a Birthday card and finish off the gift for mid September (Lee's cousin).

    Hope you all have a good day and will be BBL to check up on your news x

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    Morning all. Several degrees cooler and dull this morning, no rain forecast though.

    Yesterday, another day gone with not much to show for it. Did do stock room and list of current availability to customer; sorted out the 2kg blackberries OH picked the night before without asking (just picked them and dumped them in the utility room - don't really need them as already 4kg in the freezer!), hacked down roses and brambles etc taking over the telegraph pole support in front verge, and had a go at the weeds on the crazy paving at side of house. More time spent on Ancestry (free access to military records for a couple of days), on a different part of the family; lots of notes made to check and add to my records as and when.

    Today, all main clearing up jobs done, still need to label a couple of batches of stuff and have 1kg apricots to do something with - been looking for ideas but toying with using a mango chutney recipe with substition, so basically apricot, ginger & chilli chutney. What do you think? More athletics to watch so probably some knitting getting done.

    Hopefully those of you who are working today will find it much better today, but hope if you're getting any of the rain it isn't too heavy.


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    Rota day off today, sun is shining so far but a bit nippy..
    Got to walk Flo because she keeps sitting by the door where her lead is...
    Got to remove old wall plugs and fill all the holes, no curtains anymore, indoor wooden shutters now, got to paint ceilings, couple of cuts on the go, ones a “Test and launch”...was originally cut as a one off for an American coffee shop owner for their wants it in the gen. pop. over here so I’m cutting the revamp for her and “ Getting it out there”..or here, I should say.
    Sounds busy your way Caroline...better that way than not..

    Dave 😎

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    Good morning all.

    Overcast and much cooler today. Had to have the duvet back on the bed last night I'm a cold mortal at times. Rain on and off which the garden is very grateful for.

    Did a food shop yesterday then started to look for a holiday let towards the end of September for a week in Cornwall. Narrowed it down to three. Mrs Fussy here now has to decide which one as Mr Unfussy really just wants clean and tidy. Need to check dates with staff today as they should both be in.

    Managed to finish the pyro on the next piece just the painting to do maybe tomorrow.

    Pete went to pick blackberries yesterday to find we don't have any ripe ones, well there was one ! Everywhere else seems to be picking them for the last couple of weeks. Plenty there just not ripe yet.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. XX
    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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