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Thread: Wednesday 8th

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    Default Wednesday 8th

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    Morning All

    Certainly cooler today by about 12 degrees from yesterday. We are of to M & S food and Secretts Farm shop in Milford. Home for a delicious slice of raspberry and buttercream Victoria sponge. Realised when part way through the sewing had a cake to make at least only 8.30am so plenty of time, all done by 9.

    Stitched tha last of the 'Girl Stuff' bags, pic's later. Starting on some motivational mug rugs today, as cool making the most of the rest of the week.

    Blasted pigeon sitting on the pergola making a racket outside the study window!!!! The birds seem happier today as can also hear them singing in the trees. Think they must have sat very still in a cool spot with all that heat, sensible birds.

    Enjoy your day off Mo and don;t work too hard.

    What are you making today Linda?

    How are you Lilly?

    Have a fun filled day Dave.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Bright but definitely cooler this morning and a definite breeze around.

    Yesterday, by the time I'd done morning chores I got side tracked into catching up with the morning's sport. Had a delivery of (supposedly) the correct tops for the bottles I ordered and received last week (incorrect tops for both sizes of bottle included in that delivery). Emailed and had prompt apologies and promise to despatch correct tops. However, parcel received yesterday was a huge box, with hundreds of four different types of caps, so had to sort out what I needed. Am left with over 1700 caps that are incorrect or surplus! Hiccup in the system at the supplier's somewhere! Have emailed again and my contact is as perplexed about it as I am. I'll drop off the box of unwanted tops next time I go into Grimsby - virtually pass by the warehouse door on my way in so no problem.

    Today - must get in the stock room and do necessary stuff, more sporting events - now athletics has started I'll be watching more closely. Also triffids outside have gone mad so need to get the choppers out before they take over the street! Oh! and a couple of Kg of blackberries to deal with - OH decided to pick some more last night, but didn't do anything else with them - grrrr!. Currently getting a quick soak before draining, bagging, weighing and freezing - with the other 3kg!

    Lilly - how is your cat? We didn't hear from you yesterday, so I think he must have said his goodbye to you. I do hope it was peaceful and you can come to terms with it.
    Birds here are singing more loudly Caroline - must be appreciating the cooler temperature.
    Have a good day off Mo.
    Don't work too hard Dave.


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    Good morning all.

    Cooler here too with sunshine and cloudy spells and a possibility of a few showers later. Two days ago they wre saying we were due for a deluge Saturday and Sunday which seems to have moved to Sunday and Monday now. Not that we can change the weather but hoping the Bank Holiday weekend is at least dry.

    Much more comfortable temperature now and I want to try and get on with the half decorated hollowform. We need to do a bigish shop today as well.

    What a pain about your bottle tops Linda hope you get the correct ones PDQ. Must look to see if we have blackberries yet as well.

    Enjoy getting back to the crafting Caroline.

    Thoughts are with you Lily.

    Have a pleasant day all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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