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Thread: Tuesday 7th

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    Default Tuesday 7th

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    Morning all

    Another hot day but a few degrees cooler than yesterday, at times yesterday not too bad as no humidity but came back at sleep time!

    Managed to stitch out a 'Girl stuff' bag yesterday early, will try to get another done today.

    Lee ordered my Birthday present yesterday, not until October but he will squirrel it away safely. Must pre-oreder an Amazon voucher for BIL and get his card out ready, that is it for August. Cards not made for September!!!! must get moving on those.

    BBL for all the news, HAGO x

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    Morning all. Feels a little fresher this morning although forecast says temperatures are much the same as yesterday, but perhaps a bit more cloud around.

    Yesterday - not much happened after George's vet appointment. I couldn't find him initially but just as I was speaking to the surgery to cancel the appointment he appeared. Unfortunately, after a wait at the surgery, with dogs coming and going (George despises dogs) it wasn't his favourite vet, and the poor lad was getting seriously stressed. However, it seems my worries about his health are unfounded at the moment, but because of his age we need to keep a careful eye on things. The rest of the day I spent doing paperwork and practising Dorset button technique whilst watching the Europeans.

    Today I popped outside to get the old washing up bowl we're using to leave water out for passing dogs and horses (and as a pool for magpies!) only to find George curled up in it I fetched the camera to take a picture, but he followed me into the house for more breakfast.
    Once caffeine levels are working it's back massage, followed by shopping. Might pop round to see brother if he's home. Need to get in the stock room for a shelf shuffle etc, and there's more sports championship stuff to watch. No specific plans, I'll see how I feel.

    Glad you managed to get something done yesterday Caroline.
    How is the cat Lilly?
    Working again today Dave - hope the weather is a bit fresher for you than it has been.
    Shop again Mo? Have you been enjoying more time with the new garden furniture?


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    Hi Folks, late again, don't know where the time goes in the morning these days.

    It's amazing, you have a problem with a company who ignore you when you chase then for missing items from your delivery, a quick Tweet about them and what do you know suddenly you exist again.

    Yes shop today. Crackered, little help and I had loads to do today but only so many hours in the day to do it so some has to be left for another day or for someone else to do it. Day off tomorrow.

    Glad Georges visit to the vet had a positive outcome Linda. Ooooh you are so forward thinking Caroline I'm all of a rish the day after and I used to be such an organised woman LOL

    Hope you all have a good evening folks.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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