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Thread: Saturday 4th

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    Default Saturday 4th

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    Morning All

    Oh it was hot last night, had the fan on for ages trying to sleep. Lee was watching cricket Surrey v ? so able to switch off when he came to bed later. did help now have to find the plug in timer socket. Saw it when we tidied the garage now cannot find where I out it!!!!!!!

    Good luck with your event today Linda and you knock the moaners into shape. so unnecessary. How is your moggy?

    Shop or home today Mo? Enjoy your day if home and stay cool if at the shop.

    Enjoy your day Dave cutting or 'To Do' lists.

    Hope your moggy is okay Lily, so hard they cannot tell us what is wrong.

    Went downstairs to make the first cupper of the day and his nibbs had been sick, delightful, think he was suffering with the heat last night even though he chose to sleep downstairs. Lee told me he tried to wake him but he was too tired to get up and did not realise he wanted to go out, poor Shiloh.

    May get some sewing done today depends how warm the sewing room is. Cleared the desk in the workroom yesterday and the floor as much as I could. Have some boxes that need to go into the small loft (the only one we use now). Will get Lee to do that later then the floor will be cleared.

    Reduced my gift cards and sold 8 yesterday, okay to my old school friend but still a sale. She also wanted a wedding card but in between her mentioning it and before she could give me the details the wedding is off!!!! No staying power these youngsters!

    HAGD and stay cool x

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    Morning all,

    Weather the same as yesterday, Hot and sunny.

    Moggy still much the same, going to give him some more time see if there is any major improvement, still wobbly on his legs but it is possible he can recover so we will play it by ear and always do the best for him.

    Need to pop out to the shops for food, had a really weird dinner last night and I want to get some fresh food in. I made chicken in a creamy sauce with onions and mushrooms on rice. Made it absolutely loads of times, last night it was really peppery, I don't don't put salt or pepper in my cooking as we like a low salt diet and I don't like pepper. Couldn't explain it. I didn't eat mine and wondered if the chicken was dodgy but not sure if that would cause that, anyway want to go buy some fresh stuff as today's meal was supposed to be more of the chicken served differently so I'm not going to risk it.

    More washing and a bit of housework - maybe.

    More boxes and a thank you card for our vets, decided yesterday to show my gratitude for all the help.

    Keep cool everyone and hope your day goes well.
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    Evening all - no time to post this morning. Has been hot all day, but no rain as far as I am aware.

    Yesterday was a nightmare - the rucus on the fb group kicked off again - there were three of us trying to calm things and find a solution that suited the majority of people, but every time we thought we'd got there someone else kicked off. Would help if they read the posts properly to start with! And the person at the centre of it all, despite getting what she's been rudely demanding from us has totally and utterly failed to make any contact on the group page or with the admins in the last 24 hours. Can't win!

    Today, an early start and a couple of minor annoyances before I got my stuff into the hall and got set up. But things improved from then on and had a good day. Also had plenty of sales, chatted to lots of nice people and caught up with people I don't see very often. The fb stuff is ongoing and the senior admin and I are just working out how and when we are going to leave (for good) as we've had enough.

    Old cat came in for breakfast this morning and chomped his way through most of what I put down. He was snoozing (very solidly) in the long grass up against the cool side wall of the house when I got home. I had to shout at him a couple of times to make him move, so I knew he was still alive! Youngest cat has suddenly got all clingy and cuddly again - not funny having nearly 14lb of cat paddling around on your lap!

    Heat of the day and travelling has got to me and feeling very weary, so planning on an early night, much as I would like to catch up with the European Championships.

    Hope everyone has had a good day and managed to get all their chores done.

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