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Thread: Thursday 2nd

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    Default Thursday 2nd

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    Morning All

    Due to be warmer today and tomorrow, well just too much.

    Finished all the targets for cleaning I had even cleared out the shower room cabinets and drawers. Had empty bottles and stuff that was no longer usable, so along with the front porch and washing did well yesterday. Today back to cutting out and stitching the origami bags. Need to get those done then can start on something else.

    How are you feeling this am Linda?

    Well done on all working out okay at the shop Mo. They are lucky to have you.

    Enjoy your day Linda.

    Is Dave working or cutting?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Brighter and warmer this morning with temperatures forecast to go over 20 deg. Still a very noticeable breeze around though.

    Yesterday, not really sure what I did - did get the stall stuff together for Saturday's stall, usual clearing and cleaning, had another session finishing off some of the small silk flowers from Mum's stash of bits (not quite finished all of them yet). Have a vague idea about trying to attach one or two to each jute gift bag I offer for sale on the stall, in place of the usual ribbon bow or similar. Remembered about 8.00pm that I hadn't picked any blackberries for a couple of days so headed out with the bucket and the shears (brambles mixed in with wild roses, thistles, nettles, rosebay willow herb, borage and goodness knows what else!) Did get them rinsed off but haven't weighed them yet. Suspect there's a couple of kg to freeze.

    Today, first job will be to deal with the blackberries, then rake up the bits of vegetation I hacked down last night. Also need to do the jars and bottles for Saturday, and pop round to brother's house. Still waiting for half a dozen different packages to be delivered, although first one arrived yesterday.

    Backside is alright today, thank you for asking; still some bruising but nothing to bother me.
    Well done on getting the cleaning schedule completed Caroline. Hope you make as good progress with the cutting out and stitching.
    Glad the AM visit was as good as previously Mo. It's so encouraging when the immediate level above you agrees with what you are doing/want to do when it doesn't fit with higher level management's silly ideas!
    Dave, must be heavily involved in cutting something really intricate again as he hasn't surfaced for a while
    How is your cat today Lilly? Hope the improvement has continued and he's doing well.

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    Good morning crafty people.

    Overcast but very humid here and temp due to get to about 25 deg. Hoping that by tonight we will have our gaden furniture and can enjoy the weather in comfort, not holding my breath though having been let down once by Dreams.

    Have to call into work to give Jen her Birthday gifts, have to buy them first. I used to be so organised everything pre bought, wrapped and delivered in good time. Still got birthday gift for my friend sitting on my desk and her birthday was at the beginning of June. We were trying to get together but she lives in Teignmouth and our available days just don't clash. Might have to post it which is what I should have done originally.

    I have odds and ends to do today. Pete has his regular pupil tomorrow so I need to organise some lunch for them, decide what to do for dinner tonight, give the place a dust and clean the bathroom. Would like to try and get some pyro done I have a half finished hollowform. The key ring fittings arrived so I can do some more of those too. August Bank Holiday will be upon us before we know it and we will be rushing around trying to get stuff finished.

    Hope the origami bags get finished Caroline.

    Glad your rear is not too painful Linda. Must go and have a look at the blackberry bushes here and at least put some in the freezer for later brewing and pies.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Hello all,
    Lovely warm start to the day getting warmer slowly, so lots of washing planned.

    Going to tidy up OH - Simon (he doesn't mind and I hate referring to him as OH and stuff) his work bench, he is an untidy worker unlike me and mess from each job just accumulates till he is working in tiny space on a large workbench.So every so often I tidy it up. I don't mind its quite a peaceful job just sorting and tidying and putting tools away.

    After that more boxes

    Have also been looking after poorly cat, not sure how much better he is getting, Vets tomorrow, so questions will be answered.

    Enjoy yourselves everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Here I am, yep, been cutting, two mates wanting stuff cut know what they are like 😆 last minute Harry’s. Tomorrow off but got the man coming to fit the internal window shutters tomorrow ay 8.00 Am, then I’ve got to pop out and see my mate Vicki who paints and draws the most exquisite pet portraits, so I’ve had the mount cutter chopping up a mountain of board for her to sketch and paint on in return for a a bit of networking 😜...then its back to more cutting again...
    Hope everyone has had a goodun’...last job, boiler in a sitting on the sun!..roll on October the 30th😁🤓


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