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Thread: Saturday 14th

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    Default Saturday 14th

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    Morning All

    Well we had thunder and rain and it was heavy, video on my FB timeline, love the sound of rain. Soaked in quickly and the plants look refreshed like you Mo did not have to water last night. Freshened the air then it got really humid within about an hour, sweltering. Cooled down for bedtime though and so much easier to sleep.

    My last notebook to bind today, this is a normal notebook covered in another William Morris print. Planning for the next 3 projects afterwards and checking I have everything or order if I don't. Have the plastic A4 boxes ready, so organised .

    Any events today?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Back to bright and sunny this morning, definitely a few degrees warmer too. Not had any rain here for weeks.

    Yesterday I started off a double batch of chutney, but need to finish today as still reducing down the liquid content. Also salted the veg for a pepper & zucchini pickle so go that to finish today too. Plenty of paperwork to go with it all of course, and need to get serious head on for sorting next weekend and working out how to have stall out in two places on the Sunday (at least one of them is a two day opportunity so will set up on the Saturday and just need to top up on the Sunday morning before I go to the other event). Also started off some knitting, but it's just using up the left over yarn from a couple of cardigans I knitted earlier in the year; got a couple of bits to finish off and a finishing off that needs quite a bit of preparation before I can sit in my chair and do the stitching while TV is on.

    Today finishing preserves etc, but not sure what else. Plenty of tidying and clearing up to do, just a question of which to do first

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the next notebook Caroline. Loving the William Morris design papers.
    Expect you're packing and preparing for Sunday Mo. Hope all goes well and you have a great day tomorrow.
    Pop in and say hello Dave if you have a minute to spare in your busy schedule


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    Good morning all.

    The rain yesterday evening did the garden a world of good. Fairly steady not a torrent which just runs off the soil. Our Patio is all pots and tubs and the gardening lady from Lacock said this morning it's hard to over water in this weather and to keep the pots in groups to slow down evaporation and move to the shade if possible.

    Hot again now already and supposed to be even hotter tomorrow closer to London. We are in a marquee which can get very humid even with two sides open. Pete will be next to it under our own gazebo and certainly won't need the sides up. Taking plenty to drink in the cool box. We only have two hours to set up which isn't long for us and we are always finishing off when the crowds come in. It was max capacity last year about 8-9000 can't remember exactly. The weather has been beautiful every single year we have done this event, just a shower and electric storm one year which was refreshing and didn't mess up the round at all.

    So yes Linda, packing up today and doing last minute bits and pieces making labels for the new stuff and boxing up key rings and brooches etc. I did manage to paint another dozen key fobs and make up 12 pairs of earrings. Not going to have time to finish the vase though but we have enough of the painted things for an event like this.

    Hope everyone survived Friday 13th without incident. Enjoy the sunshine all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Good morning one and all!
    Poured down like a goodun’ here yesterday afternoon, garden looks a bit more fresh if nothing else. Going off to Bridgnorth later for a scout around, pick up some goodies from the outdoor market get some weeding done when it cools off a bit, supposed to be nearly 30 degrees here today....out snapping some buildings and bridges...fingers are itching to cut bricks again...Buildeas power station cooling towers have to come down at some point, must get something cut along those lines before they drop em’


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