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Thread: Tuesday 10th

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    Default Tuesday 10th

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    Morning All

    A beautiful day and due to be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, yippee!!!!

    May be going to M & S food this morning depends how Lee feels when he gets up, not been too good the last few days and in pain, mainly due to the heat. Did get him to take some Co-Codamol last night so he had a good night's sleep.

    All my deliveries arrived yesterday, started the end papers of the nature journal, need to measure for the cover later.

    Hope you all achieve what you want to today. HAGD x

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    Very overcast here today, still early though, might burn off later. Quick haircut later, walk the dog, had a request from an American designer friend of mine to test cut for her, love her designs so I canít wait to see what arrives..
    Good luck with the journal Caroline...
    Have a great day all...


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    Morning all. Decidedly cool here this morning with quite a strong easterly breeze - back to the jeans and cardigan.

    Yesterday had couple of hours picking fruit, then washing, sorting and starting to freeze it. 600g raspberries and 1.8kg blackcurrants done (took over 4 hours to top and tail); still a big bowl of gooseberries to do and debating about the courgette. Might freeze the courgette for Meditarranean Chutney later in the year or might just eat them. Back to the same garden next week as there will be a lot of redcurrants (not quite ready at the moment) and quite probably more raspberries.

    Today, clear up kitchen, haircut for me too Dave, do the gooseberries then have a bit of paperwork to sort.

    Glad your deliveries have all arrived Caroline, so frustrating when you can't get on because you don't have everything you need to hand.
    You're rattling through these cuts Dave (paper, not hair!), but still maintaining the very high quality. Will look forward to seeing this new one in due course.
    Hope all is well Mo - another shop day? Fingers crossed weather isn't quite so stifling for you today.


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    Good morning.

    10deg cooler here too Caroline when I got up this morning. Cooling breeze outside so a much more bearable day. Due for the temperatures to rise though for the weekend. We have Folk by the Oak on Sundat and the weather is always nice for that and more often than not very hot.

    I will be able to do the window in comfort this morning in the shop.

    We got carried away on WOWCHER last night and ordered a new patio set ! Did check the original price on the makers own site first to make sure it was a genuine bargain. The one we have was supplied by our landlord which has been lovely but with benches on each side it's a bit hard on the backside, great for eating but not so good for lounging around reading a book. Weather will probably have broken by the time it arrives LOL.

    Have a good day all and enjoy the cooler but pleasant temperatures.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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