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Thread: Saturday 7th

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    Default Saturday 7th

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    Morning All

    Beautiful morning and a gentle breeze but that will all change later as due to hit 85. Wilted yesterday at 83 so not much planned today.

    Now question when hot windows hut or open? Curtains closed or open unless in full sun of course? The reason for asking closed the french door curtains yesterday and even with the doors open seemed to make the room cooler. They are thin curtains though.

    Sorting the add on's for the journal today but as still waiting for deliveries not sure will be doing much else.

    Any events this weekend?

    Have fun x

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    Morning all. Pleasantly warm and sunny this morning. Temperatures due to rise, but not as high as some days, and a gentle easterly breeze around to keep things cool.

    Not quite sure what I achieved yesterday. Oh yes! Back massage first thing, round to brother's and picked up my shopping, to Lidl to get one of their special items, local supermarket for salad stuff, back to brother's to drop off something I forgot, farm shop then home. Spent quite a bit of time trying to be helpful to some people on cooking/preserves fb groups, bit of family history (Ancestry free access for the weekend), and half an hour attacking overgrowth and weeds at the side of the house.

    Today, pottering around until late morning, then load car and off to event. Not sure how it will go - it's in a church hall where they have regular cafe sessions and is in a fairly busy shopping area. But it has to contend with not only football, Wimbledon, GP qualifying, but a local village country show (been going years and well supported), a fairly local monthly market and a number of other local social events. However, it is a charity event with food and drink, and has been well advertised, so will just wait and see what happens.

    Hope you get your deliveries and can get organised to finish your projects Caroline.
    What are you up to Mo and Dave? Working or freedom today?

    HAGO all

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    Evening all.

    Couldn't log in this morning said site was down ?

    OMG It was so hot here today 82 deg and very humid. The shop was baking, was forced to remove my floaty top and bare my arms to the public in a vest top. Wasn't expecting much today with Wimbledon, Footie, GP and Tour de France but wasn'y too bad till three oclock. Took 11 from 3 til 5. Judging by the shouts outside the shop I take it we are through to the next round ?!

    Managed to get some keys fobs pyro'd Wednesday but too cream crackered tonight to do anything.

    Off to local steam rally tomorrow for a change as it's supposed to be hotter here, phew.

    Hope your event went well Linda.

    Hope everyone is keeping hydrated.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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