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Thread: Wednesday 4th

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    Default Wednesday 4th

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    Morning All

    Much cooler this morning but forgot to water last night that will be the first task of the day, strike that make it 2nd after a dog walk.

    Should print off the last signatures for the nature journal today, then can add the tape etc. Have to wait for the book cover fabric but the glue will take a while to dry. Planning the next one, this will be plain but with her logo on the front in her business colours. Meeting for coffee on the 17th, should be done by then, with any luck.

    Really getting into a roll on these and planning one for a friend at Christmas, theme kittens as she loves cats.

    HAGO all and will be BBL x

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    Morning all. Overcast and comparatively cool here. No sunshine likely until early evening.

    Yesterday - first half of the day got the shopping done, then made two batches of lemon curd. That exhausted my energy supply and sore throat getting worse so I packed in doing chores. Had an early night very soon after tea. Done the usual cat napping in between periods of wakefulness.

    Today - woke up (finally) with snuffly nose and tired eyes, but throat not so bad. Have got on and done most of the essential chores. Had planned to have a go at the triffids on the front paving today, but will have to see how I feel a bit later. In the meantime I have curd to label and start making a list of stuff to take on Saturday - it's a Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party so thinking probably more jams and jellies than chutneys and sauces.

    Hope you managed the dog walk and the watering before it got too hot and sunny Caroline. Sounds like you're on a roll with your notebooks/journals.
    Shop or not Mo? (I've lost track). Hope your new assistant(s?)/volunteers are proving helpful and it's easing things a little for you.
    Lofts or not Dave? (again, I've lost track!). Whatever, I'm sure you have plenty of chores to do. How was the stitch and bitch?


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    Good morning crafters.

    Cooler today with some high cloud but pleasant enough.

    No shop today Linda, I lose track too LOL. Pete has another pupil so I'm off to Devizes shortly to pay some bills and get something for lunch. Have to get the gate finished today, working the extra last week put things completely out of kilter.
    Quick flit around with the duster and a tidy up before he arrived so that's out of the way.

    Hoping to get the drawing done then continue with some pyro and ink. It's got left on the backburner as I have had absolutely no time to myself and I'm too cream crackered in the evenings after work. We have the next event on the 15th, our favourite of the year, Folk by the Oak at Hatfield House so would like to get some bits done for that.

    We have a pair of pigeons nesting in some wisteria on a wall right outside a window and I am watching them backwards and forwards with nesting material this morning. Thought they would be long past that by now ? Sat on the patio you can hear them bill and coo so loudly in the evenings.

    I forgot to water too Caroline but they plants look ok hoping they will last till this evening.

    Hope everyone gets done what they plan to do today.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Lofts not Linda, back in tomorrow so chores galores, Stich n bitch is tonight not mistake 😆..framing done as you lnow 😎


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