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Thread: Sunday 1st

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    Default Sunday 1st

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    Morning All

    Half way through the year and will soon be CHRISTMAS .

    Another beautiful day but hotter than yesterday, did do some crafting but not much. Dog is good and stays in the cool, he avoids the terrace as too hot for his paws. I know as always in bare feet and oh boy did it burn.

    More of the same today, how are you getting on Linda and when are you due to return home to the mess?

    Enjoy your day Mo?

    Take it easy Dave!

    HAGO x

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    CAROLINE!!!!!!! Mentioning the "C word when we've got this sort of weather!

    Morning! Still hot and getting humid here. Just compared forecast with home area - they're about 12 deg cooler on the east coast. Much more bearable!

    Yesterday not much done. Looked at aunt's financial paperwork discovered that something she had planned to do wasn't the best option so discussed and settled on alternative with her. All went out for a drive around the countryside (brother's car has air con so not a problem) went through and area I hadn't been before and then up to the place of brother's first army posting as he wanted to see how much change there had been in the area. Found a very pleasant pub for evening meal, but rest of the day spent keeping out of the sun.

    No idea what we're doing today. Will visit aunt again and see if she wants to do anything particular and is able to stand going out again or we stay in.

    Have been horrified to see dogs out on the hot pavements and not left anywhere they can get some shade in daytime - some owners are totally thoughtless. Just hoping that all the animals weren't out very long and have not suffered any effects from the heat.

    Heading home tomorrow and will see what OH has been up to and probably be snubbed by the moggies for leaving them

    Have a good day all, whether you are working or not; keep hydrated and stay in the shade as much as you can.

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    Good morning all.

    Hot here but clouding over a bit. We have an amber warning for thunderstorms later today !! As long as I'm home by then I don't mind as love watching them.

    We are off to lunch with two lots of friends we haven't seen since last November. Be lovely catching up. Time just goes so quickly as Caroline has just pointed out ! and everyone is so busy and otherwise occupied. We all had to make this arrangement nearly three months ago to get a convenient date for all of us and most all of us would have been retired by now in our parents generation. We are all still working though through necessity.

    Seems like you are having a very pleasant break Linda, hope the cats and the OH welcome you back with open arms LOL

    Have a good day all and stay hydrated.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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