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    Default Production process Bat Trang pottery Vietnam

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    Bat Trang is one of the ancient and ancient pottery villages of Vietnam. It is the village with the most number of production boiler in the country. However, the size of the kilns of the kilns is moderate and most of them are small, developed for each household, hereditary.

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    Used clay is put into production.

    A 1. Create the product image. There are many ways to create a product. Previously, the product was hand-sewn on the turntable, today, to meet the needs of the market. People make molds.

    There are two ways to mold the product by printing and pouring.

    PP In, clay is placed in the mold of the press machine and the machine will press down from the top, only apply to products such as bowls, dishes.

    PP poured, clay is poured liquid and then poured into the mold, then let dry naturally


    Once the product has been removed from the mold, the technician begins to prune the excess soil, clean the surface, connect the components of the product to each other, chisel the holes or embellish the motifs.

    A2. Pre-fired.

    The product is put into the oven, heating at 800 degrees c.

    A 3. Making glaze, decorating patterns.

    After firing, the product is enameled and painted.

    Draw under the enamel: draw the texture on the product, then cover the glaze transparent.

    Draw on yeast: enamel on the product, then draw the texture.

    The color of Bat Trang is very diversified, including the most popular and characteristic of Bat Trang such as glass enamel, celadon glaze, glaze celadon, ceramic glaze, enamel, yeast, enamel yeast crystallized ..v ... v ... Each type of yeast has different burning temperatures and heating conditions.

    A 4. Production of products.

    The type of furnace used for baking is gas furnace, about 3 to 6 m 3.

    The product is stacked on the heat-resistant board, put into the oven by sliding rail.

    Weave the product at 1200 degrees c from 12h to 1 day depending on the product.

    After heating to cool naturally, wait until cooled ha73n sp and then take out of the oven.

    This is a very important step in deciding the quality of the product, especially the glaze.

    A 5. Acceptance.

    Products are taken out of the oven, tested for quality and product classification.

    The production process lasts from 10 to 15 days.

    Bat Trang is a handicraft village with many skillful craftsmen. The products are handmade so there is no limit on the number of new ones (from 300 sp. and a variety of ceramics. This is also one of the trade villages that Hung Hoa Pottery Company chooses to outsource products to the company. Our company has close relationships with more than 50 furnace manufacturers in Bat Trang among more than 600 furnaces. Based on the experience and criteria set out as quality, prestige, we are proud to have selected the best Bat Trang producers to be able to market quality ceramic products. and aesthetics.

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    Looks like nobody cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceramicshoanggia View Post
    Looks like nobody cares
    Members have a choice if they see a post to reply or not. Its not a case of “ Caring”, its a case of the post being of no relevence to anyone that has seen it because its not their chosen craft.


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