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Thread: Thursday 7th

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    Default Thursday 7th

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    Morning All

    We have rain! and Lee spent ages watering last night, would not mind but not mentioned on the widgets or the forecast. Oh well the plants are having a good soaking. The Mesmeranthums I planted from seed are springing to life and think we will have a very good show. Never grown from seed before but this has given me hope to do again.

    Not sure what I am doing today, started the kimono slippers but not happy with the printing on the fabric, going to make in a white with either blue or pink spots cotton instead. After washing the print is pale, pale anyway but can imagine getting worse when washed. I used spotted ribbon on the card so does sort of tie in. Could not find any cotton printed with a lace design, lace itself but no print.

    Will draft a pattern for the felt bootees today as as hand stitched may start a pair.

    Hope you are all well, HAGD x

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    Morning all. Still overcast and cool here, although forecast promises sun peeping round the clouds for a couple of hours later on. We shall see!

    Yesterday - struggled through it with no real sense of purpose. Did get the gutters on the single storey bit cleared out, plus a couple of small bits of down pipe. Not sure about the bigger length as couldn't reach it all. Also chopped down a few bits of ground elder that were growing rather quickly and getting a bit big too close to drains. After that not much - did plan what to take Saturday, but only on paper, then there was a lot of sudden activity on a fb group I help admin and as the other admin is away I dealt with it, but time consuming. Finally finished the cross stitch piece that's been on the go a couple of months - it was only waiting for a small bit of outlining to be completed. Have to decide what to do with it now.

    Today, I have to get the lemon curd made - I've got the bits out ready and have cleaned the worktops, so just need to find the energy I'll need to get the jars and bottles off the shelves and packed then that is essentials done apart from sorting out something for tea.

    Hope the rain isn't too heavy or too lengthy Caroline - haven't seen a national forecast this morning so no idea what they're saying for various parts of the country. I'm sure the second version of the slippers will turn out to be perfect - looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    How was yesterday Mo? Are you stiff and aching this morning?
    Hope Dave isn't getting sunburnt, Smeg and family are OK, and Lilley and others will be back with us soon.


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    Good morning all.

    Overcast here too with showers on the menu later. Shop day today again.

    Watered the garden too last night Caroline. Something is eating our veg but I think we have enough runner bean plants left for our needs but the courgettes and marrows have gone the rest seem ok at the moment. The plants on the patio are doing well though all in pots even the rescues from last year which looked pretty dead are flourishing.

    Half an hour bike ride yesterday evening to try and get used to cycling again, I was terrified t start with every time I turned I thought I was going to fall off. So practice run in the car park next door doing circles then figure of eights etc and I was far more confident at the end of it. Sore bum later but seems to be ok this morning just a bit achy across the shoulders and back where I was so tense. Do the same again this evening then I might be ok for a short ride on friday when I'm home again.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Stayed local yesterday, one of those days where its cloudy but the sun is just behind, banging out the heat just the same. Donít worry Linda, had the liquid asbestos on, the sun follows me with a magnifying glass 😂😂 to Funchal, later to visit the flower that is something else! HAGO all.


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