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Thread: Wednesday 6th

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    Default Wednesday 6th

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    Morning All

    Misty atm but when this burns off should get some sun. Not going to be as warm as yesterday but just clear skies is enough.

    Hospital went well for Lee, he has been extended to 9 months now. A bit of a fiasco as we got there at 9, waited and waited then they were trying to find out where the consultant was but could not get through to Urology. 9.45 they got through and apparently no one had told him he had to be at Haslemere!. Two chaps rebook and leave, we wait and finally get in at 10.15, so not too bad. Just glad we waited as having to rebook is a pain and would mean another blood test for the Old boy. One of those that left went ballistic at the nurse, so unnecessary as not her fault shouting about someone having to wait 48 hours with a broken leg. She kept on apologising to us but as I said to her not her fault and these things happen.

    Sainsbury's for some odds and ends then the farm shop and who should be there but my sister and BIL, buying loads of bird seed. The feed all the birds in there area plus the swans and ducks on the river, oh forgot the squirrel. They had bought a squirrel proof bird feeder only for him to up end it to tip all the sed onto the ground! Wildlife, so crafty!

    Now today? my brushed cotton arrived as did the felt, will be able to make the kimono slippers for the gift set and start the felt baby bootees, which will be hand stitched, with flowers. Just waiting for the sample gift boxes which are due tomorrow. Will be good to finish one project and then start again.

    Hopefully today will be quieter, and hope you enjoy your day x

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    Morning all. Dull and cool today, with a bit of breeze around. Likely to stay like it all day.

    Yesterday nothing spectacular. Spent an hour nattering with brother, stocked up at butcher's on the way home and also popped in at farm shop. Not sure I did anything else particularly useful. This dull weather and lack of sunshine is draining my mental energy and I'm spending far too much time sitting in the chair and mooching around t'internet.

    Today, need to deal with the chicken I cooked yesterday and get in the freezer. Will need more lemon curd for the weekend, so try and get that done. Gutters need to be cleared (on single storey bit of the house) so have to hunt out suitable ladder and do that instead of keep looking at it. There are plenty of little jobs to be done, but not sure I've got the enthusiasm for it.

    Glad Lee's appointment turned out OK Carole - shame about the idiots who think only of themselves and don't look at the bigger picture. NHS don't need that kind of thing on top of everything else they are dealing with trying to provide a service to the public. There is no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder! That's been proven so many times over the years; we just chuck loads of seed on the ground and within minutes there will be a crowd of magpies, crows, robins, pigeons, sparrows and others, plus a couple of squirrels and a couple of cats out there. Glad your supplies arrived and you can get on with the projects.

    Hope everyone else is well and has reasonable weather.

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    Good morning all.

    Lovely and sunny here today. Very late getting out of bed trying to get some extra sleep as not sleeping well but it was a waste of time. Maybe need a loooooooong bike ride to exhaust me LOL

    Delighted all went well with Lee, people are so impatient including me but I have got so much better being with Pete ! Learned to chill a bit but I would never be rude in circumstances like that poor woman was only doing her job.

    Have to give the house a bit of a clean this morning, do some ironing and try and start some pyro and ink staff. I have a friend / crafting acquaintance calling in later to deliver a fitness monitor she was bought but already has a FitBit so wanted to sell it. Might as well go the whole hog on this get fit lark. She also said she wanted a nosey at where we lived and she didn't mind admitting it LOL Our house is a bit odd to say the least !

    I love feeding the birds but the jackdaws are a real pain. They are gluttons and steal everything. We had a feeder which hung over a herb trough and when we got back from Cornwall the trough was decimated.They had shaken the seeds out and pecked away at the fat balls then trampled the herbs to get at it all. Had to move that one. Our landlord is putting up a new fence which will extend our patch a fair bit so looking forward to rearranging the patio and probably adding to it in a couple of months.

    Hope you feel more motivated today Linda.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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