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Thread: Monday 4th

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    Default Monday 4th

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    Morning all

    Looks like another beautiful day, did get a bit humid yesterday then we got a cool breeze, bliss.

    2 walks yesterday, although short ones and did okay. Still bit painful in the morning but getting better and during the day hardly a twinge.

    Walked around the garden again yesterday, all quiet, birds singing and it was wonderful, so peaceful. Sat for a while and read under the pergola with the wisteria above and beautiful pale pink scented roses on the terrace, life can be so good.

    Today? the gas man cometh to fit new smart meters. If I read correctly most of the work is done in the garage with the meters, correct me if wrong Dave. If this is the case means Shiloh can keep his home to himself and wander where he wants to.

    Stuck on the kimono slippers as could not find the white brushed cotton. Was sure I had some but gone in a puff of fairy dust and been spirited away.

    How did you get on yesterday Linda.

    Welcome back Mo, so pleased you had a good time but we did miss you x

    Pleased to see Dave is talking to us again!

    HAGO x

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    Good morning all.

    Thank you Caroline. Glad you are getting better too but do be careful of your back.

    Hazy morning with the sun trying to struggle through but not exactly cold.

    Back to normal again now after our lovely weekend in Cornwall. Lonf journeys both ways due mainly to accidents on the M4 and M5. 5 hours down and 4.5 hours back. Got home in time to rescue the plants with a good watering so obviously the weather was good in Wiltshire too. Shop for the next two days. Will have to find time for our first bike ride when I'm next off on Wednesday.

    HAGO all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all. Would you ladies please be kind and send some of your lovely weather in this direction. It's dull and muggy with occasional rain here again - 3rd or 4th day in a row.

    Very slow at the event yesterday - doubt we had more than a dozen people in. Sadly, at least half of the crafters were not there - think most of them had other events on. The enterprising ladies and gents of the Lions managed to spread out their stalls so the room didn't look totally derelict, but we were left with me, a couple of (very nice) card stalls, and some hand knitted and hand stitched footstools, pictures and hat/scarf/mitten sets in the craft line. Having said all that the other stallholders and volunteers from the Lions made a number of purchases from me, and the gentleman who had asked for orange curd came back to purchase so financially I did better than expected. Did I say I had to make orange curd and more lemon curd when I got home on Saturday - after a quick visit to the local supermarket! We closed at 2.30pm by general agreement.

    I had a word with the main organiser of the craft fair part of the event (who happily admits he is not experienced in this activity) and he's happy for me to look out for suitable participants for next year and collect contact details. We will see what can be done.

    Got home to an email to say that the jam & breadmaking course I'd booked for Wednesday has had to be cancelled as no one else had booked. Been looking forward to it for some weeks and rather disappointed, but obviously it's not financially viable to run it for one person.

    Today I have spent an hour clearing up and sorting out things that didn't get done at the weekend. Yet another load of laundry to do, and not surprisingly I need to get into the store room and do some shuffling around on the shelves. I've already packed yesterday's returns and have some small areas of jiggle room! This afternoon a friend is coming to collect a couple of sheep fleece which have been delivered by some friends (they raise lambs for meat and hate waste so give away the fleece - via me!). Just need to find a home for the remaining 9 fleece and hoping the lady from the local Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers will keep her word and collect them

    Event next weekend - a 1940s day, so can start thinking about that and getting stuff ready.

    Glad to hear that your back is finally showing real signs of improvement Caroline. Does sound like it could be quite a bit longer before you feel fully fit though. I'm sure the short walks will help. Hope you've found the fabric to finish your kimono slippers.

    You must be very tired after such lengthy journeys Mo, especially with all the activity of being with family and friends in between the two. Hope the shop isn't too hectic today. How is your new assistant getting on? Hopefully she's still with you and making life a little easier.

    Nice of you to pop in Dave - you're leading such a busy life. Supposed to slow down and take life at a more steady pace as you reach retirement - oh look! More pink things in the sky!!!

    As always, hope everyone is well.

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    Weíve just had a WW2 weekend, everyone dressing up up 1940ís clothes, army uniforms, re enactments etc ( which arenít my favourite, especially about war....) music bands, the shopscwith tape on the windows etc, a very popular event....tourists galore.
    Yes Linda, things are suppoied to be slowing up.Daves world is running at a different pace so far 😂😂


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