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Thread: Sunday 3rd

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    Default Sunday 3rd

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    Morning All

    A beautiful day and no rain forecast. The garden is wonderful. Still in pain in the morning, think stiffen up in bed but must admit finished 2 baby cards and made up 2 memory frames yesterday pm. Having to alter my working to pm instead of am. Getting there.

    How did the event go Linda?

    Don't overdo it Dave. I can always remember holidays when you planned days out, then the weather was poor and ruined the day. Now does not matter as anything planned can be rescheduled for another day. You will also find you slow up gradually.

    Kimono baby slippers today, have to wash the printed fabric this morning and dry.

    Film in between.

    Have fun x

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    Morning all. Heavy mist this morning when I got up, but mostly cleared now. Forecast here for a bit of cloud bus sunshine peeping through along with some rain this afternoon. Forecast for event venue is dull and cloudy all day - probably muggy again.

    Yesterday had a good day at the event. Very friendly and relaxed, as always. Think they had more craft stalls in than previous years, but I know quite of few of them won't be there today and no one else coming in to replace them so will be a bit sparse. Second day is always much quieter than the first as people not coming into town for shopping, so we only get a few of the churchgoers and occasional people who potter in after lunch at the pub. Had some lovely, and interested, customers; sold a lot of the stuff I've reduced (last of the batch or heading towards BBE date) to help clear the shelves, and orders for orange curd and more lemon curd (sold out). Even sold a jar of the vegan curd, but two or three people tried it and approved it.

    Somewhat busy at home last night - had to clear and clean the kitchen first as nothing done during the day, trying to make two lots of curd, restock on things I'd sold during the day, do the cash, make today's lunch - and someone was hanging around in the kitchen "trying to help" but getting in the way. Had another early night.

    Today, some concerns that the orange curd hasn't set particularly solidly so need to warn customers. Not expecting too much in the way of sales, but hope that the orders and "reserve that for me, I'll pay you tomorrow" sales will cover the costs, but it will be another friendly day. Will be setting off in a few minutes.

    Pleased you managed to get some work done yesterday Caroline. Sounds like working pm is the thing to do, and gives you the morning to get muscles loosened up with some gentle exercise. Take care, and hope you have a productive day today.

    No wonder Dave hasn't been in evidence, with all that's going on you must be worn out by now!

    HAGO all

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    Good evening crafty people.

    Back safe and sound but horrible journeys both ways, 5hours down 4.5hours back both due to crashes on the motorway.

    Had lovely weekend though. Kids threw us a belated wedding party with all the available family there is was fabulous. With nice weather we could spill outside into the garden too. Thought we had enough grandchildren but there is another one expected in January making the grand total 14 plus and great grandson. Christmas is getting more and more expensive LOL

    Left mid morning to miss the traffic and back at 2.30 so we could relax and sort ourselves out as I have to go to work tomorrow. Chillin' in the garden with a cold larger, bliss. The garden has sprouted everywhere and we almost have some ripe strawberries. It will all need a big watering session when the sun is lower later.

    Glad day one of your event went well Linda hope today was better then you expected.

    Sorry Caroline your back isn't much better, take care.

    Dave is in a spin hope all goes well too.

    Have a fabulous evening all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Bit of a spin Mo....Iíll survive 😉 😂😂


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