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Thread: Friday 18th

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    Default Friday 18th

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    Morning All

    Sorting more stock this morning and leaving the sewing for a rest. Really need to get the fair stock back in the stock room, then to start going through the rest with a view to Etsy, Ebay or Charity. Sad really as nothing wrong with any of it just made some time ago and want the space.

    Hope you all have a good day. any events tomorrow? x

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    Morning all! Bright but still chilly this morning, although promising to get warmer as the day goes on.

    Yesterday - got away from me as usual! Did get bathroom cleaned and vacuumed small landing and the bedroom. Spent a bit of time researching finance stuff, but finally made some decisions and got some things done. Then got sidetracked onto clearing some of the folders on the laptop and started collating the numerous preserves recipes I've found on-line and saved. This is going to be a major project and will be done piecemeal.

    Today kitchen needs a good clean, have found a home for some Countryside magazines I sorted out yesterday so taking a walk into the village to deliver them. After that it will be back to the electronic files I think.

    Started the day with a smile - watching weather forecast and Carol Kirkwood who is at Windsor said someone (member of the public) had asked why they had built a castle so close to Heathrow Airport! Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Hope the stock sorting goes well and you get the fair stuff packed away Caroline. It is sad that perfectly good items have to be "disposed" of in a way unintended, it devalues it somewhat. I usually end up selling "end of batch" jars for about the cost of replacing the jar, quite often at car boot sales if I don't have an appropriate fair to have a "reduced" box.
    Have a bright and warm day everyone and trust whatever plans you have go well.


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    Morning all.

    Bright light outside woke me again.

    Got the last batch of melt pots made. Had trouble with a couple of oils as they were so thick and heavy they sunk to the bottom of the pan and didn't want to blend with the wax.
    Managed to get them all photographed before the natural light faded completely.

    Tip run to do today.
    Edit photos and post them.

    2 day event tomorrow. Bonus that it's a free pitch. 'yay

    Stay safe everyone.

    Later all. 'wave

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    Good morning all.

    Beautiful sunny day here, yah. Trip to the hairdresser later for a trim but this morning I need to do some housework and would like to try a display idea I have. If I get time would like also to take some lifestyle photos of the new Ikebana vases with some flowers in for the website. Garden and veg garden will need to be watered this evening too and must check the greenhouse with the veg seedlings.

    Smile of the day ......... interview with small child on the radio earlier who had taken part in a school 'Royal Wedding '. And what, said the interviewer, does the bride do ?
    Small child....... She walks down the garden.
    And when is that ?
    The the man isn't looking !!!
    Conjured up a mental picture of the bride sneaking from shrub to shrub so she isn't seen to reach the groom before he know it LOL

    Most of my jewellery is now confined to storage, I have taken the odd piece to add to my own collection but I don't sell it anymore. Far too much competition and I haven't the time, money or energy to devote to promotion and making with little return. Pairs of earrings I use to decorate the earring stands at events. It's a shame really I have some lovely pieces with sterling silver chain maille just sitting in boxes. Probably end up giving them away to the kids and grands if they want them. Try not to think about the money in silver that's tied up in them. Still that was mostly from a past life and not relevant now. I will enjoy wearing them anyway.

    Look forward to seeing your latest candles Smeg and the event is a success.

    Have a good day all whatever you are up to.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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