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Thread: Wednesday 16th

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    Default Wednesday 16th

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    Morning All

    Exhausted after yesterday's trip plus planting when we got home but tbf the garden is looking wonderful. Still a few gaps, mainly where Lee has hacked down unruly plants, as they were dogwoods hopefully they will regrow for next year. Looking very oriental on the terrace and peaceful that is until Shiloh appears!

    Loading more bags onto Ebay and some onto Etsy this morning. If the Ebay lot do not go will end up at the charity shop, just need to be hard and clear the space. Would do a car boot but Lee will not come with me! Hate doing on my own as get traders at our local one, they almost get in your boot before you have unloaded properly.

    Starting cutting out the 2 samples of the NHS baby health covers today, must remember to post on NetMums and pm the young Mum that helped me out.

    Enjoy the weather although think we are due random showers today. Have fun x

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    Morning all! Very different outside to yesterday - quite dull, very breezy and noticeably cooler. At least no rain forecast for this area.

    Yesterday back massage (made a difference and not so stiff this morning), shopping, dropped round to see a friend for a couple of hours then came straight home. Didn't get to the farm shop or Aldi (in another town). Finished off the lavender mustard then made strawberry mustard as I'd picked up a tray or strawberries for a very reasonable price in the supermarket. Most of the remaining strawberries have started off my first ever try at strawberry jam (a la Delia) and the final half a dozen fruits are in the fridge for tea tonight.

    Today, obviously labels to do and get on the mustard jars, jam to finish, need to pop out for eggs and a couple of bits I didn't get yesterday. More laundry on the go - seems to be never ending these days! Going to try and have a bit of me time this afternoon as I need to finish off the outlining on the cross stitch piece which I haven't touched for over a week! Still have some of the tiny silk flowers to finish off too.

    Sounds like a successful day for you Caroline. I know what you mean about the car boots - I rarely do any of the regular ones, but our local Rotary club run two or three each year in the next village which is very well "policed" and doesn't tend to attract traders. It's more like they used to be when they first started up. I've also discovered another one about 20 miles away which, although privately run, is very well "policed". They have fixed times for sellers to get in and another for buyers to get in and stick to these rigidly, so thinking I might give that a try some time. Just need to be organised as you need to book to get pitch.

    Hope the meeting went well Mo - no more raised targets!
    Trust the car is running well Dave and fish, rats, OH, FIL and grandparents are all OK. Have you mastered the putting melts into the freezer method totally now?
    HAGO all

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    Morning all.

    Wet start this morning.

    Typical Father-in-Law, took him to B&M and he spent 4 times as much as planned an took over the trolley instead of getting his own.
    Better half has put a new pot on her mother's grave and removed the moss.

    It's been a while since we saw the grandparents, and we may not get to see them today either.

    Only a few bits of shopping needed today. Just have to go to 4 shops, all on opposite sides of town.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant day.

    Later all, 'wave

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    Good morning all.

    Dull and decidedly chillier today with the possibility of a shower from time to time.

    Meeting was yesterday but everyone in the area is having the same drop in footfall and therefore income don't know what the solution is. They have realised that a lot of the new goods they bought in last year are rubbish and although the policy and suppliers are being reviewed we will still have new goods but are getting a say in what each of our shops has as they are different customer bases. We had two hours on the new privacy policies to conform to legislation more unnecessary paperwork as actually essentially it has not changed just reworded by government to make some bureaucrats salary seem worthwhile. Still means we have to do a serious amount of repeat paperwork to conform.

    Train problems again coming home got to the station with 5mins to spare for earlier train and it was cancelled.Problem with a car crash apparently nearer London on the same line. Next train left the station 30mins late as the driver was on a delayed train getting there. Seriously full train by then. Only had to go two stops though. Auto announcer was seriously out of scyc too by one station. Good old National Rail.

    Off to a funeral in 3/4 hours, my uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago. My sister who lost her husband at Christmas was very close to him so a double wammy for her so far this year and the funeral is in the same place too, she is going to be so upset poor love. All those memories.

    I have Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. Never been told to wear heels before but more comfortable to walk takes the pressure of a bit. Awful in the morning can't put by heel to the floor as the tendon shortens over night when the foot is relaxed same if I am sitting for a long time. Nothing they can do just rest ( will get a lot of that standing 9 hrs a day in the shop !!!! ) and some exercises. Could take up to a year to heal apparently, great. Probably brought on by going into completely flat shoes for the summer and walking in bare feet apparently. I have some good supportive trainers with soft insoles for work anyway.

    It's very satisfying when you have done work on the garden Caroline despite the effort it's worth it.

    We have some strawberry plants this year Linda hoping for a reasonable crop so I can dry some for healthy nibbles.

    Have a god day all.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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