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Thread: Thursday 10th

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    Default Thursday 10th

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    Morning All

    Rained quite a lot last night, saved watering and the garden looks fresh now. Have to replant an oriental tree today, into a new and much bigger pot. Think we will have to break the original pot or it could give way as a large crack down the side. DH of course wants to save it but did say to him the tree was more important than a pot, bearing in mind it cost 150 three years ago!

    Grocery delivery early and hopefully some postal deliveries. Think the bank holiday threw out the post a bit plus dispatches. Noticed the small sole traders I use still posted and their items arrived.

    Found a wonderful online supplier of vintage style fabric only, not had a proper look yet as could be expensive and goes against inly buying what I want to make now, so hard to resist!!!!

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Sun trying to break through the clouds, but feels quite a bit cooler and dewy dampness. Check local forecast and no rain indicated, despite what Carol said on the news this morning.

    Yesterday got the preserves finished, labels done. Spent most of the afternoon on paperwork, updating files, and reformatting one rather large data file (still a WIP as learning new facility on the software). Managed to give away Mother's electric lawn rake which has been sitting around in garden stores for about 10 years. Younger cat being a pest wittering around for ages, but when he had a huge chucking session and a great bolas of grass was regurgitated he seemed to be much better. Back to normal this morning having cuddles and demanding breakfast.

    Today, been awake since 4.30am, and head feels tired although rest of me is OK. Doing the physical gathering stuff together for the weekend today - gives me tomorrow to deal with the odd bits I realise I've forgotten (yes, I've tried having check lists, but I still manage to forget things - it's my age! ) Haven't managed any crafting for a few days, so hopefully will have a bit of time for that later on.

    Know what you mean about the fabric Caroline - there was a stall at the Market on Sunday, obviously geared towards patchworkers, full of printed cotton fabrics and all sorts of haberdashery. Good job there were a lot of people looking at things and I couldn't actually get to the stall or I might have bought stuff I don't need! We've had no fabric/haberdashery shops in the area for decades and anything like that is so tempting

    Hope everyone is well and today's weather is not too much of a disappointment.

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    Morning all.

    Blue skies again this morning.

    Car failed MOT, as I thought it would, because of the ABS warning light. Turns out the pump isn't working and is going to cost 300 to replace. Ouch!
    Can still drive the car until Saturday on the current MOT but the garage can't get the part until Monday at the earliest.
    Good job we don't have any events this weekend.

    Looks like we could be getting new neighbours soon.
    Saw a lovely couple looking at the property on Tuesday, a brother and sister looking for a 2 bedroom house in this area as it has an easy commute to Liverpool.

    Enjoy the sun, those of you that have it.

    Later all. 'wave

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