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Thread: Tuesday 8th

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    Default Tuesday 8th

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    Morning All

    Another beautiful day. A bit too hot yesterday but did manage to get 7 cards made and added to my website.

    How did the boot sale go Linda?

    Off to the dentist this morning, not looking forward to it although only a check up she will always find something. Garden centre after for breakfast and a browse.

    Not sure what planned later will just go with the flow

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Another glorious morning, but looking at forecast tomorrow will be much cooler and less sunny.

    Yesterday, put a load of washing in the machine then went off to car boot sale. Car wasn't full to the gunnels, just took preserves I needed to rehome, some of Mum's ornaments and some craft stuff. Friendly chatty lady next to me at the car boot sale. Other side was a lady with a chelsea tractor (personalised number plate used by one of the very prominent solicitors firms in the area), put two very flimsy pasting tables out and piled them up with paperback books, then wondered why one of the tables broke and collapsed big time during the morning! Sold enough stuff to make me happy - covered the costs of the day with a little bit left to go in my "pocket money" purse. Got home, unpacked in the course of which I managed to get bitten - twice - by something that caused huge blisters to appear very rapidly. Hit the essential oils, took an anti-histamine and it settled down to a cope-able level. Blisters shrank back to tiny within a couple of hours. Started unpicking a knitted waistcoat which is beyond wear - yarn will be great to make a couple of animal blankets for local rescues. Forgot about the washing I'd put in the machine, so had to deal with that, then had a very early night.

    Today, have hung out the washing I forgot about yesterday, weekly shopping, round to brother's to take birthday presents for him and his girlfriend, farm shop - more eggs to make curds for the weekend and garlic. Start getting organised for next weekends's event and think about best times to make the curds and to make the caramelised leek & garlic conserve with leeks I was given on Sunday. Probably be too hot to do anything outside so will sit and look at it through the open back door.

    Hope there's nothing major found at the dental check up Caroline; saw the lovely cards you made; have fun at the garden centre and don't spend too much
    Hope everyone had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the lovely weather.
    Trust the last day at Wisley turned out to be a cracker and Pete's out in the she making more stock for the next event


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    Good Morning all.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and didn't get burnt.

    We got attacked by Mozzies too Linda, wretched things they can sting you through clothing. We were close to a boggy area in the gardens so everyone was having the same trouble. Funny as they never usually bite me.

    Wisley was ok but not as good as I expected and hoped for. Long days having to open to coincide with the gardens opening hours, but it was a stunning setting. Didn't get back till 10.30 last night so everything will have to be unpacked today by Pete as I have to go to work, not good planning LOL

    Seems this will be the last of the warm days at about 70deg here then back to normal temperatures.

    Glad the Car Boot was successful Linda. Hope the dentist is not too painful Caroline.

    Mo. MornieG Jewellery.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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