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Thread: Affordable and ethical yarn?

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    Default Affordable and ethical yarn?

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    Hi everyone

    I've recently been making my first crocheted blanket - I'm making loads of little hexagons and will connect with join as you go.

    I'd really like to use yarn that's Fair Trade, but I'm having so much trouble finding any! So far I've been using Gilliatt by de rerum natura - its great because it's natural, fair trade, and some in sooo many colours. However, it's super expensive! I severely underestimated how many I would have to buy to make a whole blanket, and this is not sustainable for me financially.

    Can anyone recommend places to buy fair trade yarns? Or, failing that, just somewhere with a good range of colours for a good price?

    Thank you!

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    I've had some nice things from here - - their banana yarns are good for throws and blankets at the affordable end of the range. I like recycled yarns when appropriate.

    There are some good recommendations here: - I've used manos del uruguay from time to time (but it's not cheap!).

    The other option is to recycle your own - it's pretty easy to frog (unravel) most chunkier knits, and these can often be found in charity shops or even your own wardrobe! Not exactly fair trade, but certainly kinder.

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