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Thread: matt photo papers...any that are semi water proof?

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    Default matt photo papers...any that are semi water proof?

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    I've been on the hunt for good quality thin matt photo paper anywhere between 90-140gsm. All the papers I seem to come across appear to be just a heavy standard paper verging on thin card with nothing special about them or any coating on top. I am looking to stick these photos on wood and they may become slightly wet or be wiped with a wet cloth so need it to be waterproof so as to stop any ink running/smudging. I'm guessing laser printed photo paper would be more suitable than inkjet in this situation.

    I am going to be sticking this paper down with rigid glue on wood but am open to alternative papers or media that won't damage if wet but ideally prefer a matt finish to glossy. If matt then I would like it to have some sort of coating and not appear to be just a paper/card as this will be destroyed if wet.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I would say yes. I have had great success with using it for body product labels and oil bottles. No smearing or fading yet!

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