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Thread: Failed batch of candles.

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    Default Failed batch of candles.

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    Made a couple of batches of candles recently. All was going well, different essential oil blends used, smelt lovely, until the slab test stage. No hot throw while the wicks were burning. I've worked out why but what do you do with the unusable mix? I hate to waste it & have poured it in to containers until a good solution comes along.

    Any ideas??

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    A one word answer.... "Melts".

    Whenever I have a batch of wax & FO/EO that gives no hot throw I gently melt it down (not too high a heat or all the FO/EO will evaporate) and turn it into melts. Saves dumping it in the bin and makes great little freebies to send out to friends, families and new customers.



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