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Thread: Functional Candle Rubik's Cube

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    Default Functional Candle Rubik's Cube

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    A quick introduction- I am Tony Fisher and my passion and job is making twisty puzzles and related videos. Twisty puzzles are Rubik's Cubes and the thousands of similar puzzles. I thought I would share my latest creation since it is a functional candle Rubik's Cube. It's important to note that the reason I made this was purely to entertain my YouTube followers. So the quality was unimportant and I was happy to pretty much destroy it during the three videos I made. I used a plastic core and springs similar to those on a regular Rubik's Cube though the 8 corners and 12 edges were 100% wax making the whole puzzle about 95% wax. I used silicone rubber moulds that I had made to cast the pieces. To get the colours the pieces were cast with recessions which were later filled with dyed wax. I am calling it a candle Rubik's Cube and not a Rubik's Cube candle since I feel the latter implies it's just a candle that looks like a Rubik's Cube with no function. I was able to do a full solve taking around 8 minutes while keeping one corner alight. I guess to you guys this seems pretty stupid but my followers love this kind of thing and it pays the bills.

    FunctionalRubiksCubeCandle3.jpg FunctionalRubiksCubeCandle2.jpg FunctionalRubiksCubeCandle1.jpg

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    Love it!
    Off to find the YT vid


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