Hi all new to the forum and hopeful for some good advice. Fairly new to candle making and have experimented with c3 and Q210. Much prefer the finish of the Q210, although the colour of c3 is much better, however.. I am making container candles in 77mm dia tins with 15mm wooden wicks and 10% fragrance, no colour additives. Following all guides from manufacturer for melt and pour temps. After 48 hours I did a test burn. The flame started well, then fizzled down to nothing more than an ember and when the melt pool reached the sides of the container the flame extinguishes. When hardened I trim the wick and the exact same happens again. I have made another test with a 19mm wick but when I tried this with the c3 wax the flame was way too big and smoked a lot. I suspect the same will happen with the Q210 however will update this post when i do the test burn.
Does anyone have experience with Q210 with wooden wicks and perhaps give me some advice?

Many thanks in advance.