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    Default Lettering on the mount inside frame

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    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can help me figure out how to print or transfer lettering onto the mount of the ikea ribba frame? It's not stamp printing.
    Also, how to you print names onto wooden hearts for the family trees please?

    Doing frame for 2 years and still can't figure this out.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I've printed directly on mounts in the past but it was quite a difficult technique to do. There are now large format printers available that are capable of taking mounts as the mount runs through the printer onto the other side rather than around the printer like paper would print out as obviously mount can't bend. Some of these machines are quite reasonable in price and I know epson make one for around 700.00 but 2nd hand machines go for aound 300.00 as I was going to buy one for the sole purpose of printing on mounts.

    In the past I used a certain type of coated laser printer paper with excellent success. This was printed on a laser printer then heat pressed directly onto the mount and only the toner from the ink is left on the surface of mount but the downside is when you heat a mount it can bend so I had a certain time to press that I found after many attempts then I would press the other side of mount and you wouldn't notice any difference in the mount as it would look perfectly straight. The reason I stopped using this process was the coated paper sometimes got stuck in my machine and on occasions completely ruined machines as it got caught around the heating element so it was too risky to continue with. I've recently been in contact with a supplier in the USA that is offering a brand new coated paper for applying to thick card and I'm looking into importing this in soon.

    Other ways of printing on mounts are more un-professional methods but are used by some on ebay and elsewhere where they just cut out wording on a vinyl cutter and stick it directly onto the mount. Looks ok in a picture but when you actually visibly have the frame in hand the mount looks cheap. Alternatively you can cut out stencil vinyl with a vinyl cutter and spray over the stencil to create the wording then when dry peel the vinyl off. This looks better but the finish won't have a sharp edge but it depends on the type of finish your going for.
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