Hi, Iím a novice in the experimenting stage trying to get my head round all this, Iím currently looking at making soy container candles, soy melts and soy votives and pillars. So far I have experimented with c3 wax got nice results tiny bit of frosting and wet spots but I think it would be nice for container candles. Also have rs1, kerasoy container, and cb-135 but I believe I heard somewhere that cb-135 has been discontinued. Out of the soy container waxes on the market what are people having the most success with, wet spots and abit of frosting doesnít bother me too much at the moment as I intend to use tins and not glass as long as the top stay looking presentable thatís ok, I am mostly looking for good hot and cold throw, also has anyone got any experience using Cargill c-6 soy and coconut blend this is a wax that Iím very interested in. Lastly any recommendations for wax suitable for melts was looking at a wax on candle shack called mb1, would this also be good for pillars and votives or should I be looking at something like kerasoy pillar wax.

sorry for the long post, any help appreciated