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Thread: opal chips

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    Default opal chips

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    Do opal chips fuse with glass

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    I don't know anything about glass fusing (except my assumption that it involves heat and a lot of it), and I'm no expert on opals, but I do know that they contain water. So from my "blurble" years experience and gathered info, and vague memories of chemistry lessons I would be very wary of attempting anything like that. A lapidarist might be able to give you some useful and relevant information.


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    I am the same, dredging back to what I know of semi precious, I think you will find that some have a higher water content (somewhere around 2% to 10%) than others and you may need to look for some that have a low water content to advert cracking. As for the glass fusing regretably I too have no knowledge of it. Soz, hopefully someone on here will enlighten us further with some guidance.

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