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Thread: glue?

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    Have you tried gorilla glue, it is fairly new out. I have used it on metal to metal and metal to plastic and it is strong and going nowhere.

    The resulting cured Gorilla Glue is flexible but does not stretch to any degree, it will break. Something worth noting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dDave View Post
    Silicone glue is basically the same stuff that you but around baths and sinks etc to make a water seal but instead of whote or coloured, it is clear, no toxic fumes, just a vinegar smell as it cures which tales about half hour. I used to buy the clear one from DIY. centres in the large tubes that you put in mastic guns but I used babies medicine syringes to apply it instead as I did 3d decoupage for a good few years...completely safe.

    excellent! I will try this and show you guys what I do with it once I buy the glue! thanks so much

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