Hello there

I'm Jen and I'm a newbie here. I've joined as I work full time with polymer clay, but don't know anyone else who does, hence there's no-one to mull things over with!

I have the option of taking part in a craft fair at the weekend, but it's outside (we'd all be in individual gazebos) in a pedestrian town area. The weather where I live is forecast as snow/sleet showers this weekend, occasional rain, winds of 25 mph and a temperature of no more than 3 degrees. I feel I have to bow out, as any moisture that gets into the models could expand as the temperature drops, causing bonds to break, but I wanted to put it to you lovely people just to make sure I'm not being a giant softie!

Would you guys take your polymer creations outside in these conditions to sell, or stay safely inside?

Thank you so much, and thanks for having me