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Thread: Help with sewing up a garment

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    Default Help with sewing up a garment

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    I am sure there is a word that is better than "sew" but its to complete the garment. The problem is I pulled back an old mohair sweater of mine, some of it went to reknit a sweater for my daughter and some of it for me. I knew I wouldn't have enough red mohair for me, so waited until I found a black which had been spun exactly the same as my mohair in a small village in spain where i the garment is red but has a black back. It has westie dogs round the bottom.

    I havent dared to sew the garment up yet could I ask the group, should I use black or red to sew and complete the garment.


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    I would use black and a ladder stitch, check out You Tube. As you sew up from the right side this way the wool be hidden. The red could show more on the black than black on red, hope that makes sense

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on being so innovative in your recycling. I'm a great one for pulling down and re-knitting garments and I have one cardigan I have done that to at least twice (obviously it gets smaller each time, but I love the yarn)!

    As for the sewing up - I agree with Caroline that black yarn would probably be best for sewing up.


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