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Thread: Alternatives to Scrapbooks???

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    Exclamation Alternatives to Scrapbooks???

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    My best friend made me a scrapbook for my 18th birthday about a month ago. She worked really hard on it and it meant so much to me because it was a thoughtful way of putting all our memories together to look back on. Since my boyfriend and I started dating about seven months ago, I've been saving things like ticket stubs from movies and museums and shows, as well as just little things that we've found on our journey so far, and I've also been writing on tiny slips of paper reasons why I love him. I really want to present these to him in a nice way, not anytime soon, but I want to start now because I just have so much stuff. I was inspired by my friend's scrapbook however, although childish, I feel like she wouldn't like it if I copied her idea. I asked her and she seemed a bit hesitant about me making one for my boyfriend, so I was wondering if anyone had any alternative options to a scrapbook. I know memory boxes are a thing, but I just really like the idea of seeing it all laid out on display instead of gathered in a box. Anyone have any suggestions???? Otherwise I could just make it as manly as possible ;)

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    I donít think its her idea, gathering momentoís and building up a timeline can be a big part of what the whole scrapbooking thing is all about, millions do it!
    However, if she has designed the cover for example, in a certain way and you copy that then I guess she might not be happy but what goes between the covers wonít exclusively be her idea.
    Look on Pinterest for ideas, build up a few idea boards, see how others do it etc.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    I agree with Dave - it is far from an original idea to fill a scrapbook with memories of things, people and events. I suspect that was the original idea of scrapbooks in the first place (did it myself in childhood way back in the ice age!).

    However, if your friend designed layouts/illustrations etc specifically for her gift to you I can understand why she would be somewhat hesitant for anyone to copy her work directly.

    If you think this is something your boyfriend would like and appreciate then go ahead, but do your own cover, contents, layouts etc.

    I can't see any other sensible way of displaying the sort of things you've mentioned other than in a book of some sort unless you have got miles and miles of blank walls and could mount a number of separate framed displays.

    Do you have to tell/show your friend you've done it?


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