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    Default Can I spray paint imitation leather?

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    I'm new here so please go easy on me

    I have two lamp bases that are covered in brown imitation leather. I'd like them to be cream or grey. Can I use aerosol paint? If so, what type of paint do I need, please? I already have some grey metal primer spray paint that would look perfect but would it adhere? Would I need to prepare the leather in any way first?

    Sorry for so many questions! but thank you for any advice


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    Welcome to the forum Emily.

    Sorry to see you haven't yet had an answer to your question (unfortunately I can't answer either as it's out of my sphere). I suspect it may be because many people don't visit this part of the forum particularly (we're not the busiest forum around - just the best )

    If you were post in the Introduce Yourself part of the forum you could then indicate that you have already posted your question here, and someone with appropriate knowledge can give you advice.


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    There is a You Tube "How to paint {faux} leather" if you copy and paste that into google it should come up.

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