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    Default Drawing on to Fabric

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    Hi everyone.
    For a while I have been making hand painted cushions by mixing acrylic paint with a fabric medium, but it is tedious, slow and can be messy. I am thinking about changing to a fabric pen if there is such a thing, that stays in place and is permanent.

    When I browse google I just get laundry markers coming up.

    Does anyone know if there is a pen (usually black for pale fabrics or white for dark fabrics for my designs) that I can use instead.

    Would love some advice on this.

    Many thanks lovelies.

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    on youtube you can find very nice DIY and how to

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    Your choices for fabric are limited to acrylic fabric paint pens and alcohol based markers. I would go with the acrylic paint pens based on your needs. Liquitex has one that works pretty well. I found a guide while back that was useful, if I find it again I will come back to share.

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