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Thread: Help with wicks in soy candles

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    Default Help with wicks in soy candles

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    Hi there,

    I recently started making candles with EcoSoya CB-135 wax, essential oils and wicks from Amazon "Homankit Candle Making Kit | 100 Pieces x 15cm Pre Soy Waxed Wicks with Sustainer Tabs, 100 dots Double-Sided Wick Stickers and 1 Piece Stainless Wick Fixed Holder | Candle Wicks for Candle Making / Candle DIY"not sure what size they are but they do seem quite thick. I'm making the candles in standard glass jars (reused from household items such as jam and cooking sauce until I've perfected my mix).

    I'm having no problems with the wax and oils, they seem to be mixing together nicely and the candles have a good cold throw, you can clearly smell the scents with you sniff them. The issue comes when I light the candles. I leave them to burn until they are melted to the sides to avoid tunneling. However the wick becomes black, charred, mushroomed in some cases and seems to have a lot of carbon build up. I try to trim the wick then for the next burn and it won't relight because the surface is so burnt and black. Also the hot throw is disappointing as the wick doesn't seem to be able to filter the smells and wax well, and it just smells slightly burnt and sooty.

    Why is this happening? Can anyone recommend a better wick to work with soy wax and essential oils which doesn't produce these effects?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Welcome Hannah.

    It is advisable to do a slab test with different wicks to determine the right size for your container.
    Failing that, check on your supplier's information about melt pool size. These will always be rated for paraffin wax which has a higher melt point.
    If your jar is 60mm inside diameter, go for a wick that has a 45-50mm melt pool, or slightly lower.

    It may be that your flame is too hot due to the wick being too large and this is causing the mushrooming.
    Soy candles don't have a good scent throw compared to paraffin but they are much more friendly and don't produce as much smoke.
    Also be warned that CB-135 has been discontinued so you will have to find a suitable replacement. We bought some C-1 wax recently and I'm not happy with the texture when cool. It feels a little gritty, not silky smooth like CB-135. Clean up also takes a little bit more effort.

    Lots of trial and error has lead us to the point we are at now, so keep trying and you will get the results you are after.


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    I use a Blended container wax and it took me ages to find the right wick to use. I would go with Smeg and just run some tests with different wicks.

    I tried 18 different wicks before finding one that I was happy with. Unfortunately I didn't come across the slab testing technique until afterwards which was a bit annoying.

    Not sure I am allowed to tell you which supplier I use but they have quite a lot of info on their waxes as well as suggestions on which wicks work bets. There is also a tutorial on Slab Testing and how to choose a wick.

    If you would like the info let me know.


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    Hi Brinley, i am in such of a supplier for prewaxed soy wicks. Can you please point me in the right direction?

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    Read the dit on the Candle Shack website, either pre wax yourself or go with their own. Re wicking try Stabilo or TB range, and experiment re mushrooming. Lovely HT though.

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