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    Question Question about gold seed beads and how well they keep their colour.

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    Hi, I'm new here, please let me know if I've done any faux pas in this post.

    I bought some metallic gold size 11 gold beads off Amazon, they were described as "Size 11 matsuno gold beads". They change colour almost as soon as I touch them. They're fine on a spiral necklace I made (sorry, there's probably a more technical term than "spiral") by sewing them in with size 8 and 6 red beads because I only touched them with the needle as I was sewing, and then after that when I held the bit of necklace the only bits that touched me were the 6 beads and maybe the 8s. A year later, the gold beads in that necklace are pretty as ever. But if I try and use these beads as the primary bead in anything they dull and turn silver fairly swiftly, before eventually becoming plain clear glass with a slight tinge, which looks rather unpleasant.

    I also bought some metalic gold size 15 beads off GJ Beads, they were described as "size 15 miyuki galvanisedd gold". And they're really nice, they haven't changed colour at all though I've used lots of them for some fiddly work which required a lot of handling.

    So my question is: why is one bead so much better than the other? Manufacturer, Matsuno vs Miyuki? Is the word "galvanised" relevant here? If I want to buy more gold beads, what should I look for in the name or listing to indicate permanency of colour?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    My immediate thought in response to your query is the quality of the materials used to make the beads and the method of applying the colour to the glass. It would appear that the manufacturer is using a substance which is very reactive to the natural oils and acidity of the human hand and which is not applied to the glass in a manner to fix it to the beads. Quite possibly the beads on the necklace have not come into contact with whatever is causing the discolouration etc and so remain looking good.

    The definition of galvanise is to coat iron or steel with a layer of zinc (a protection against rust), so I am not quite sure why it would be used to describe a gold coloured bead. They may be referring to the method of applying the gold being the same as that used to apply the zinc to the iron/steel.

    I doubt this has fully answered your query, but hope it may have given you some idea of further research lines.


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    I'm not sure if Matsuno have a more durable line, but I do know Toho do a line called 'Permanent Finish' which seem to be really good, and Miyuki have 'Duracoat'.
    Both are little pricier obviously but that extra price comes with the assurance the colour won't come off so easily.

    Miyuki and Toho are both superior brands to Matsuno.
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    Thanks both of you for that. I'll check out the Miyuki and Toho beads.

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