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Thread: Damaged Kiln

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    Question Damaged Kiln

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    Hello, I'm starting my first year as an art teacher at a new school & they have a kiln for ceramics but it has several deep holes in the top cement part of the lid. Is it still usable, and/or is there a way to repair it? I've attached photos of the damage.

    This is a tiny school with little funding so it's this kiln or nothing. The rest of it still looks fine, no idea how old it is. It was donated and no one at the school knows much else about it, not even sure when or how it was damaged. Hoping there is a safe way to still use it. Thanks in advance for any and all information!
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    You should certainly be able to repair the damage with kiln cement, and this isn't difficult to do yourself.

    It might be worth seeing if you can get the electrical components checked by a competent electrician or engineer though, especially given the lack of information about its history.

    Good luck!

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    Hi, I think the easiest way to repair the lid would be to pour in some refractory castable.
    I have a little concern with all the paint on top of the kiln lid. If there is acrylic paint it might get a bit smokey when the kiln is fired, on a full firing the bricks of lid might get to 300 celsius.

    Regarding the lid, if the bricks seem a little loose there is usually there is a way of tightening the stainless steel band.

    if you need further advice email me

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