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    Default What styles of curtains to learn, so many!

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    Hello everyone,

    I want to become a curtain and blind maker, but there are so many styles of curtains out there, which basic styles do you have to learn first? I also want to make lampshades and cushions, pillows and bed linen, Would this be too much to take on? Would it be better to specialize in one thing?

    I look forward to any responses.


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    You are quite correct, of course, Nisa. There are many styles with different headings to learn. I have taught curtain making since the beginning of 2008 but have only ever concentrated on the high end of the market. You can, broadly speaking, split curtain making into two basic categories. firstly the type which are traditional lined and interlined with hand pleated headings and those which are made with a tape sewn to the top of the curtain. There may be interlined but are more likely to be plain lined curtains.

    Where you start to learn about both is always very difficult to know. My view is that one should start at the top and work down. Once you have mastered the high end, hand made, interlined work then the simpler, lower end work is fairly easy to adapt to. If you start at the bottom and work up you will probably find that you never reach the top.

    There are many curtain making teachers in the land who will charge lots of money to teach you but you will probably find that only 5% of them are capable of making a high end curtain let alone teaching someone to make them. Calculations always play the biggest part with needle and machine skills very much second place. My view has always been that if a professional curtain maker can not calculate all the requirements of a curtain and then go through the process of setting the work out on the bench accurately don't bother to pick up your needle and start to sew because you will end up with a very expensive mess on your hands.

    I wish you luck and I am happy to advise regarding training should you wish me to do so. Sadly I have retired so I can not help further than providing you with advice on the matter.

    Roman blinds are more straightforward and there is a little more skill around where learning this is concerned. As for lamp shades I can not advise but there are many good courses available. Cushions are quite straightforward and training is readily available through a range of reputable teachers.

    Good luck Nisa, PM me if you need anything ~ Clive
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    Thank-you Classical Genesis for your advice.

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