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Thread: 100% Soy?

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    Default 100% Soy?

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    Hello, I'm from Australia, but couldn't find an active candle making forum there, so was excited to find this UK one

    I'm relatively new to making candles, and am so far enjoying myself. I have been testing out a variety of different waxes, and for my purposes I particularly like the Soy Golden Wax 464. The hot and cold throw is excellent and I prefer the look of the wax to paraffin or soy/paraffin blends.

    My question is - can I market the candles as 100% soy wax? From my reading, 464 is 98% soy wax with 2% additives that are soy based - so it is 100% soy - but can you say 100% soy WAX?


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    Once you start to add scents and colours it is then no longer 100%.
    I would just do as the big manufacturers do and brand it as a soy candle. Sorry if I seem a little picky.

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