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Thread: Selling my products!

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    Default Selling my products!

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    Hi lovelies, I am a beauty crafter and love making my own products.
    I am now looking to sell some things, due to friends and family asking - but am not sure about the legalities of it? I am based in the UK.

    One thing I want to make is a liquid highlighter, which consists of mainly oil, preservative, silicon and pigment. In 5 shades.
    The other things are pressed glitters, which is cosmetic glitter - with oil and pressed.

    Do I need them safety tested?
    If so how? where? how much?
    Do I need to prepare them in a special way? Will my kitchen do, if I follow food safety and hygeine standards.

    Thanks in advance!
    Pixie Girl x

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    Welcome to the Forum

    I don't know the specific legalities to selling beauty products, but as an ex-aromatherapist and current preserves maker and seller with soap making friends I do know that there are many regulations, and I would recommend you talk to your local Trading Standards department (they are not ogres) and ask for advice.

    Any item which touches skin has to be tested/labelled in some way - this includes clothing, beauty products and food, and all will need some sort of assessment to guarantee as much as possible the safety of said product to the users.

    There are no doubt national/international organisations for production of such products so a web search might also prove fruitful.

    One of our members run a very successful business making soaps and other products. She is not able to pop in frequently, but if she spots your post I am sure she will have some helpful information for you.

    Good luck with your potential business.

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    The GCSTM has some useful info as to what you need to do

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    Don't forget you will also need to register as self employed with HMRC.

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    Yes, You need to test before start selling.

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