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    Default Advice Needed (Paper Craft/Cutting)

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    Hi guys

    I'm having trouble finding the correct tool (or even the name of it!) for a project.

    I'm trying to cut out little paper circles, but with a hole in them. Kind of like a paper washer.

    Just like this - Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 19.14.28.jpg

    Does anyone know what tool would do this, what it is called, and where I could get one?!!

    PS a single tool rather than two different hole punches would be preferred as I'm not too good at alignment etc.

    Thanks in advance
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    I've not seen a single tool that can do this...I use punches if I only want one or two or buy paper washers if I need more because they can easily be coloured to match any project... I am pretty sure I have a die that cuts this as part of a set but I can't recall the name of it... I think it was from a tag set. Maybe Tim Holtz ? Good luck in your search

    EDIT: Have checked my dies and it was Tim Holtz tag collection framelits by Sizzix - Item no 658784. That has a collection of dies to cut a variety of different sized tags and the washer
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    I think the only way you could do this would be to buy a circle punch the size needed, then a small hand held punch to make the hole in the middle

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    if it is a paper, it can be easily done with a laser cutter - if you know someone who does that or have access yourself. I recon if you go to some workshop and ask them to do it, it will be quite expensive but if you have someone who is using this machine, then it will be easy (and very precise!).

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