Morning all. Another bright, hot and sunny day today. Forecast says a little bit of cloud creeping in late this afternoon, but that will be no bad thing. Much too hot to be doing things outside.

More tragic news of innocent people's lives ruined by deliberate human action. As if there isn't enough natural tragedy to be dealt with.

Had a lousy night, kept waking up and taking ages to get back to sleep. Consequently still have a headache and feeling very tired, and eyes not working properly.

Cleaning this morning, stocktaking/paperwork and money to be sorted and noted. Rest of the week has got to be final bagging and pricing the last bits for the de-stash, then get stuff sorted into similar items in boxes/baskets ready to go straight on the tables, then all of that to be brought downstairs and stacked up somewhere ready to straight in the car on Sunday.

Have a good day, and don't get sunburnt.