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Thread: Tweed Cutting

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    Default Tweed Cutting

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    I am quite new to crafting, I want to make some flowers with individual petals I have 2 issues one its time consuming to make individual petals - is there a cutting tool anyone is aware of that can help me with this - when I don't have a template?

    The second issue is I am using tweed and it is fraying quite alot and doesn't have a great finish - does anyone use this often and can give me some advise?

    Thank you

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    There are a few possibilities but, essentially, you need to sew the edge.

    For a finished edge, zig zag round the edge, for a short fraying edge straight stitch just inside the outline.

    Stitch before you cut

    As for template you can draw one? In card or on tissue paper. With card draw round it, sew then cut. Tissue paper, draw lots, stick onto fabric, sew, cut.

    I hope that makes sense
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