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    Default New way of presenting epoxy jewelry

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    In our opinion, the forums are the most valuable part of the Internet.

    For such sites to be successful and useful, as many members as possible have to publish the results of their work, not only success stories because sometimes you learn more from the unsuccessful trial than successful one.

    As summer is here, and it is time to show our works at fairs and exhibitions, we will share with you our most recent idea how to present epoxy jewelry to the public.

    At the very beginning of our epoxy work we began to develop a packaging for displaying our jewelry. We decided on classic packaging in the bags that stood on the stand. Sold merchandise was then packed into a box that we design and cut with Silhouette Cameo.ePOXY-1.jpg

    Customers showed weak interest in our new product. Our luck is that we have organized our market research so that we have turned our visitors into the “focus group”. We appreciate and registered sold items but we also talk to customers who have not shown interest in buying our products. The answers shocked us:
    -most said that packaging did not emphasize that jewelry was unique and handmade.
    - the pendant is nice and unique but I do not like ( I hate ) the chain.

    With this information we immediately changed the way we present our work. We put our pendants in picture frames like small work of art. An old box for a violin was interesting peace to. When a customer finds a pendant they like, they choose a chain and set their length, so the necklace is completed according to their wishes and packs into a jewelry box.

    This change attracted a lot more visitors and our sales triple.
    The problem with this way of exhibition is the illumination.

    We tried to solve this with standard lighting ideas until our member Nena did not think about ideas with lamps. She attached the epoxy pendant on lamp shade and when the light was on, it was an unforgettable sight. We immediately started to exhibit jewelry this way in the gallery and at the exhibition. Few days ago on FloraArt 2017 we attracted the attention of journalists and ended up in the main news on national television.

    That's why we recommend to all members of this jewelery forum to make a few experiments with the lamps and see if such exposure will attract more visitors and fix sales.

    It works great for us.


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    WOW! Your displays are amazing!

    Thank you for sharing, such great info and pictures. I totally agree with what you're saying.

    I don't yet sell my projects because I'm just trying to feel confident.

    Good luck with your business, I'm sure it will flourish!

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