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Thread: Basic Tools for Curtain Making

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    Default Basic Tools for Curtain Making

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    Every curtain maker has their favorite tools to work at the bench with, here is a selection of mine.

    These are the basic tools required for any professional curtain making or soft furnishing work.

    The first tool in the box must be your bench. This is the most basic and necessary element in your workroom. If your bench is constructed square then you can work with a T-square and be accurate to a couple of millimetres which is fine for the cutting of linings and interlinings and as an aid to squaring up your face fabric.

    Scissors, of course, are imperative. I prefer to use quite a heavy pair of 12 inch shears. I also have a pair of lighter weight shears which I use for pattern cutting. Keeping them sharp is important, sharpening every couple of weeks with an industrial diamond sharpening pad is easy, the pads are only a few pounds to buy and will last a number of years if you use them correctly. Remember that when you sharpen steel with a diamond pad that the operation must be carried out wet. I tend to stand at the sink when I sharpen my scissors then I can keep both blade and sharpening pad wet under a dripping tap.

    Pins, long ones, 50mm stored on oval magnetic pin cushions are also a must for me. I can use them to anchor everything down to the padding on my bench.

    Rulers, you can’t have too many of these, from my longest marked rule at 1.5 metres down to my smallest 150mm one. All have their place and I know the width of every on of them as each has a second job to do when I need to rule off a 20mm, 28mm or 35mm space or seam allowance I will pick up the one which gives me the correct dimension, all to save time in a days curtain making.

    , long darners, fine and very sharp when new to sew with No. 36 hand sewing thread. very few other threads ever pass through the eyes of my needles.

    A good pair of thread snips finishes off the list, what would I do without them. There are, of course, many other tools in my workroom, some of them quite special and many that I can not imagine workroom life without but the tools I have mentioned here are always at my fingertips.

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