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    I appear to have done something disastrous. I was playing around in the assets window and looking at the ways one can reorganise the thumbnails and I clicked on the button in the right hand top corner which says GO. Immediately, all the thumbnails disappeared. Not the shapes of the thumbnails but the pictures inside them.

    I couldn't get them back even though I chose to view the thumbnails and hit go again. I went into the threads which I posted pictures from the assets window and all have disappeared. Only the threads into which I have posted pictures from an external source are visible. I can't now see lots of different aspects on the website like the little paper clips which indicate that there are attachments in the thread. Even the box that I am typing in to make this post it devoid of any buttons at the top which allow size, text and colour changes. All have disappeared including the smileys to the right of the box.

    I have tried logging out and back in, I have uploaded a new image to the assets window but no pictures appear, just the square indicating where the thumbnail should appear and its title. I think I have really messed something up and I haven't a clue what to do about it.

    Please help ~ Clive

    All sorted out now. It was my computers fault. I use Bitdefender Security and it decided to block all images uploaded to and visible in the website I don't know how but I'm not that techy. Sorry for the false alarm but at least I know what to do if it happens again, boy did I panic ~ Clive

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