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    Default Joining fabric on roman blind

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    I have made several roman blinds before but this time I need to join the fabric. My question is as I am using a plain heavy weight canvas fabric can i join on the length of the blind and make the seam in line with a rod pocket to conceal it when pulled up. This would put the selvedge edge at the top of the blind. Any help would be appreciated .

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    You could make the join on the rod pocket Maude but there are a couple of things to consider here before you decide.

    In normal circumstances I would always try to put two vertical joins in the fabric but the proportion and spacing of the joins is all important. The normal target proportion is 50% in the center and 25% at the sides but this is certainly not a hard and fast rule. It is not normal to see a join down the center and if the blind is only a little wider than a width of fabric it wouldn't look good to simply add a very small amount to each side unless, of course, you were adding contrast edges to the blind.

    I have never joined the fabric horizontally for a blind but that doesn't mean that it can't or shouldn't be done. Often, roman blinds are not dropped to their full length. Many clients of mine in the past have either left the blind at the top or part way down. In this event and as it is the bottom fold which is the last to open fully it may be best to make the blind from the top down and put the join on a lower rod pocket rather than have the join on an upper rod pocket which will be the first to be viewed as the blind opens.

    A further option, which I have seen done, could be to sew one or two contrasting horizontal bands into the blind which could be a nice design feature and would enable you to make obviously necessary joins across the face giving you the freedom to use the fabric in a railroad situation whatever its width.

    Good luck with your project ~ Clive
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