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    Default Sewing Machine for Nylon

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    I am looking into starting up with a new hobby. I would love to be able to make nylon styled dog leads and collars. Currently I weave them with paracord but I'd love to be able to make nylon ones also. Having never laid hands on a sewing machine I have no idea where to start. My aunt makes custom car seats and she's happy to teach me how to use a machine but she isn't confident in advising me which machine would be best.

    I'd really like to keep it as cheap as possible given it's a hobby and I've no idea wether or not it's something I will enjoy. If over 100 then I'd like to option of buying on finance.
    The machine will need to be able to cope with going through my long strapping which has been doubled over on itself (so 2 layers). I'd also prefer it if the machine wasn't too noisy as I'd likely be using it mainly at night when my little boy is in bed.

    I had a brief discussion with the website 'British sewing centre' and they advised an AEG 15HD which they currently have for around 270. Anyone any thoughts on this machine?

    Also seen a machine that sounded really good, a jaguar 596. Think that was - similar price.

    Any and all advice would be greatly welcomed.


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    The Jaguar 596 is on offer here for 239.95 to 249.95 depending on bundle with interest free credit.

    I sew but can't really advise you on the best machine for what you want to do. Best thing is always to visit a supplier with the material you want to sew and try out some machines. John Lewis has a fair selection or visit one of the Sewing and hoby shows around the country for advise. You can always do a search online for the best price when you know the models you are interested in.

    Good luck with your venture.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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    You need a machine that is pretty sturdy and may be better off going to your local sewing centre and they may have a second hand one. My sister picked up a 2nd hand Bernina basic which would be ideal for what you want, it is a real workhorse, she stitched some sailcloth items for their boat on it.

    You will have to use at least a 16/18 needle and strong cotton thread. Some of the modern machines can be picky and expensive. I use Janomes and find them very good for all forms of sewing and thickness. The best with size 18 needles is the Janome HD 2000 running at about 369 atm.

    Hope that helps

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